About Product


‘Charcoal’ is being used for many purposes worldwide. Amongst these, ‘jute stick charcoal’ is most popular specially in China, Taiwan, Korean, Japan and some other countries. In this sense, ‘jute stick charcoal’ is an ultimate business product as it is the raw material of fire-works and some otherchemical purposes.

Since Bangladesh is famous for jute cultivation, this South-Asian country became a target of production of the Jute stick Charcoal. In Bangladesh, Jute is getting preferred in all sectors. But, Jute Stick used to use in some fuel activities. Soon the trend of Charcoal business spread out, it becomes a preferred for Jute Stick Charcoal production.

Being a major player in the long history of jute trade and having relatively finer fiber, Bangladesh has always had an advantage in raw jute trading. Bangladesh is still one of the largest exporters of raw jute in the world.

As we know, jute has been using for many purposes. In Bangladesh, there are lots of jute-mills around the country. We use jute in many sectors and thus jute is getting preferred in all sectors.

But, what about jute stick? Do we care for this? We the people of Bangladesh just use this jute stick known as Patkhorias our burning resource in the rural areas. There are very few commercial usages of jute stick in Bangladesh.

Soon after discovered that the jute stick can be used as a raw material of charcoal, we started to search the ways of producing charcoal from jute stick. And, finally, after a hardship struggle, we managed to find the solutions of producing charcoal in an eco-friendly system. And, within this time, Bangladesh has now many charcoal factories in production who started to perform a great rule in the economy of Bangladesh by exporting the item to China and Taiwan.

Our company has a standard factory in Bangladesh. Soon started production, the quality and standard production of Jute Stick Charcoal surprised us. Any good and strong importer can contact us for this product.